Goosedinner 2018

10th of November



Goose is best eaten at the Falsterbo peninsula


As you know, goose is best eaten at the Falsterbo peninsula. It may be because the geese roam freely on streets and squares and enjoy almost the same status as cows in India. With the exception of around Mårten Gås, when we murder them, prepare them and arrange a proper goose dinner!


The black blacksoup, the fat goose, the sugary apple pie with the creamy vanilla sauce will be enjoyed with a view of the Öresund strait and the associated bridge. During the dinner there will be chewing, laughing and singing. the evening offers fantastic tabling and the opportunity to tie new contacts with old friends and perhaps with something strengthening in their hand.


Registration fee: 450 sek per person

Possibility of a wine package will be available, more info will be available.


Friday! 2018-11-09


For those arriving on Friday, we invite you to a small gathering for just a hundred SEK!


Saturday! 2018-11-10


The event starts at 18:00 at Falsterbo Kursgård



We warmly welcome all RT/LC/OT/Tangent clubs to come and celebrate, overindulge in goose and party all night.

Of course, this invitation also applies to plus one.


After the enjoyment of Goose Dinner we will

enjoy the evening like barbarians and discodance until the staff gets tired and kicks us out.


Please email to km@rt133.se to put you on the waiting list.


Sorry, there are no places left.


Limited amount of HH accommodation


The last day of registration


Payment methods:

- Credit card

- Swish


Registration is binding.


(Subject to change)




-With card payment, a transaction fee is charged 3.52%

-With Swish Payment, a transaction fee of 2%



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